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LJ Fail

So, I came here to post about Wednesday and her new social life but I got distracted by a link to an etsy shop and just ended up on ebay for twenty minutes...maybe tomorrow?

Channeling Our InnerJudy Garland

Happy First of November everyone!~ Wasn't October just the craziest? Wow. I am still kind of reeling from all the hustle and bustle! But, I thought I would pop in and show off my gorgeous little girl in her Halloween costume!

More ruby slipper goodness!Collapse )

Broken heart...

As in Ron's heart is broken. As in, I am on my way to sit with him at the hospital while we wait for him to feel better so they can tell us they have NO FREAKING CLUE why his heart does not beat properly.

**We know it is the 120v electrocution from seven + years ago rearing its ugly head. But still, a more definitive answer would be nice.



Baby Fever

Like so bad my loins nearly hurt.
Since Wednesday began sleeping through the night (About a year ago) I have wanted another child.
Since this afternoon Ron has considered it for longer than, well never.
Is this the beginning of something? I sure hope so.


Why didn't anyone tell me that once she turned three SHE WOULDN"T STOP CRYING! Oh my goodness, now she is crying because she is crying?!


In other news...

I really miss all of my icons. Please to be telling me why I should pay LJ again?
Happy Birthday Beautiful.

p.s. Somebody turned turned three on Friday. :) We had the birthday party yesterday but I was too busy for photos. I am waiting for the emails to come in. :)

I have to wonder...

Wednesday is not the domestic nurturing type. No babies, no playing house. Sometimes she plays with her play food, and lately if you give her a wet towel she'll do the dusting but that is it. She loves her dollies but the barbie and Tinkerbell variety, not the soft cushy kind. She loves her costumes and performing for an audience. What I am wondering is if I am doing something wrong. I mean I love her willingness to sing and dance! Love it, I am not worried about that. I just wonder if I am not domestic enough. Don't children at this age imitate what they see? Since she does not have a baby, do I not baby her enough? Since she doesn't play house, am I not cooking/cleaning enough?


I fear some douche-baggery is afoot!

If I think everyone around me is being a giant douche-bag, should I maybe look at myself instead? It just seems like the better portion (as in quantity not quality of) of my family and (very) few friends have really turned into douche-bags. But, when the number of douche-bags outnumbers the non-douche-bags, I have to ask myself "Is it something I am doing?" Maybe they are not being douche-bags after all, maybe it I who is the douche-bag.

Regardless, SOMEONE is being a douche-bag and I am very near a nervous breakdown because of it.

WTF happened to LJ? Why is like I walked into Vegas all gaudy and stuff?

K, well, I am back. I need a place to say some stuff. Not right now because I have to you know, take care of my child but soon.

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