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Books taste good!

Ok, I try hard not to fill this journal with blog stuff. That is partly why I went and got the blog. BUt, I am having a giveaway and I thought a lot of you guys might want to enter. It is not a company spam sort. I recently purchased Let's Go Outside by Jennifer Ward and it is incredible. So many wonderful activities and quotes and info. It gives you that added push to go outside. A way to bond with your child if you are used to just watching. I loved it so much I decided to buy another copy and give it away! Very few have entered as I have not advertised it (save here) I barely mentioned it in that post lol. So I thought I would open it up to you guys. You can comment with your livejournal accounts. So go here and put your name in the hat!

I'll be back soon with an update! Just ben so busy and now I am super tired so I can't stay.

♥ ♥ ♥


For Dirkd & canela

This is for dirkd canela

Brambelberry Pie
Brambelberry Pie

Remember the pie I made on Monday? This is it. Is it not absolutely gorgeous?! Did I mention it was the FIRST time I have done a lattice top? So easy! It was a bit tart because I used a blueberry pie recipe with mixed fruit heavy on the raspberries but with some freshly whipped cream..mmmmm good!

Today I made some coconut-oatmeal macaroons but I was displeased with how sweet they are. So I am going to play with that recipe before I post it. They take me back though, my mom used to make them every year at Christmas time. Time for me to pick up the tradition I guess.

I really do love to bake. Did I ever mention how blissfully happy I would be if I had a little bakeshop that sold really good coffee and super tasty treats? Heaven.



My fuzzy ears and whiskers!

So it is exactly 11:25 and so far today I have done my Monday blog post, went to the store, baked a pie, did the dishes and made a batch of play-dough. Now I have to dress Wednesday (and myself) and go for a rainy day walk. Come back have a shower and make myself presentable for a family dinner this afternoon. I had hoped to make a necklace to go with my new top but alas it is looking like that is just a dream.

I hope everyone's weekend was as incredible as ours.


The cuteness!

OK, I am running super late today what with the weekend being full of activities. I wanted to thank everyone for your support though. made me feel awesome to know it was a good sort of selfish. (Did that make sense?) So we are doing just two hunts, and the one is not public but with our good friends and her playmates. I think it is win win. We still might take her out just us though, I mean I did spend three days on the basket and eggs! You can check that out here if you like.

But I had to leave you with the video of Wednesday dying eggs! She had so much fun that when it was time to put it away (all the shells had eventually cracked from play) she was beside herself, I mean just bawling. I promised her some ice cream and took her to the park to run it off. At least we know next year to boil up two dozen eggs not one. :D

Happy Easter weekend guys.

Sigh...I know I should be happy!

Can you believe Easter is almost here?! I have made Wednesday a beautiful basket and some great fabric eggs. Awesome right? We were planning on taking her out on Sunday morning to a park and let her hunt/gather. Well, she has already received two invites for other hunts. And it makes me sad. Not for her, I mean yay! she gets to hunt for eggs three times! But it means we have to share our little girl on those special moments we are used to having her to ourself for.

So what do we do? Take her out on Thursday so that we can have the first hunt with her? This will also give her some practice around other kids. But, will it be the same? Am I being selfish? Sigh. I think I am just being selfish.

Seriously, give it to me straight.

And just for kicks, here is Wednesday last Easter.Collapse )


Ok, quick point form update...

Remember Ron's MRI? Came back negative but his heart has gotten worse. The doctors are pretty sure he has Atrial Tachycardia and he is on Beta Blockers for it at the moment. Ron does not liek them though he does not think they do the job. The next step is a one year internal event/heart monitor and then maybe a pacemaker. Maybe.

Wednesday is a brilliant child. She might not be mesa ready but wow. Her verbal skills are constantly amazing me. She is a brilliant mimic and so I work hard at annunciation and over pronouncing the big words she asks about.

Also, she is huge! Well not really but she is growing into size three clothes, size seven shoes and she weighs a whopping 32 pounds! I am not sure how tall she is though, I jeep meaning to measure her and I forget.

We stopped play dating in the winter because, well, I am not sure but it was a needed break and I can't wait to go for a walk with Tara & Sydney tomorrow.

I am really loving my blog and have already done a guest post elsewhere and had a website come to me about giving away their products. Oh and i should have some of my stuff featured in a magazine in the future. I am hoping by this time next year I have a shoppe to sell from. Ron thinks a book deal is in my future but I think he is crazy.

We will be moving out of here next month I think. Ron thought maybe my this month's end but he has been occupied elsewhere. Oh the country though, I cannot wait.

Ok, I have to make coffee, go pee and do the dishes so i am going to jet.

CIAO Dahlings!

p.s. NO Supernatural spoilers because my Canadian station is one week behind the American that regularly airs it.

Okay, see ya later!

Oh, and a recent pic of Wednesday...

My muse.

I had her model a skirt I made her last week. I bribed her with ju jubes.


I am going to try and pick this up again, I miss the personal aspect of journalling. Blogging is awesome for sharing crafts, recipes, opinions and such but when I need to pour my heart out I don't want that for millions of strangers to jdge me. That is an activity I have reserved for the 50 or so on my flist. :)

I don't know if I can catch up with everyone after three + months of being MIA but I see babies have been born! Congrats to Franno & Theresa!

Also, thanks to everyone for not deleting me from your flists in my absence.

Also, also, you will see UWC blogspot stuff here, but well, it makes up a lot of my days now, you'll see why later.

OH yeah!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

*runs in*

Lost internet for five days and now can't seem to find the time. Usually I read but rarely comment and post but these days I am so busy. Don't hate me. Soon I will be back int he land of the digitally living.

Hugs and kisses xoxoxo

*runs out again*
Well shucks, I was hoping I could sign Wednesday up for some sort of toddler dance program but the earliest I can sign her up is 3. Oh well, we'll find something else fun and exciting!
LOOK What I made today! :D

Army Tank Birthday Cake

Army Tank Birthday Cake

Too bad the dog ate it before we did. But thank goodness I took pictures!

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