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I am thirty year old stay at home mom living in Kelowna, BC. I live a charmed life thanks to my King Ron. I have many interests from the girly to the violent but I like to think I am well rounded. I am tall, slim with mousy brown hair. I think I look thirty but who knows these days...
Ron is my soul mate, my life mate my best friend. he loves me with all his heart and for that I am the luckiest woman alive. He is also the other half of our princess for that he is the luckiest man alive. He is a carpenter by trade but a type A personality all the time. There is nothing he does not excel at, well except for particle physics but c`mon! He is a man`s man but also a romantic at heart. He.is.wonderful. Oh and totally hot to boot.
Our princess Wednesday Deborah Elizabeth. She is the light of our lives and every day we watch her learn and explore and grow both physically and mentally and really does it get any better than that? She is twenty one months at this time and fast finding out who she is as a person. I predict a handful of a child in a very short time ;)Cross Country 09
I love to bake, scrapbook and take pictures (Mostly of Wednesday lol) I also love to go for long drives to neighboring towns. I like to shop for my home and my baby. I like to post at LJ. Oh and if you cannot tell by my userpic collection, Labyrinth is my all time favourite movie. So, if you know David Bowie, tell him I said 'Sup ;)
David Bowie jareth
I am a hybrid mom. Somewhere right in the middle of Crunchy Granola and Progressive with a bit of old fashioned thrown in. In this journal you will hear talk of co-sleeping, cloth diapering and vegetarianism. But I don`t believe in not vaccinating children or not disciplining a child either. If these are your beliefs, that is fine but I will not entertain an argument on the subject. :) I help to maintain two communities here greenyourhome and domesticity please come join me there as well. Both focus on a subject close to my heart; a healthy home.

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